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From the Critics

"It is surprising, the results of these portraits that are both conceptual and psychological at the same time.
They are able to capture minimal details containing the greatest stories, to be joyful in their profound tension,
to be cheerful and cruel at the same time, to breathe an air of lightness and freedom, which perhaps today
is often lacking. Because times in reality are changing... but our aspirations are not."

Philippe Daverio
Italian art critic

"Miller establishes a relation between fingerprints seen at the same time as sign of the body and
a shadow of the form. A labyrinth unravelling from the centre, forming into different centrifugal lines.
Each subject has its own body, each body has its own fingerprint and each fingerprint projects in
the space of art the shadow of the subject’s identity that impresses his thumb on the starched surface
of a sheet of paper or a canvas and accompanies it in his journey towards a much larger
public through a little personal meditation.
Miller hits twice because he linguistically emphasizes the social issue of identification and is
successfully shifting it into the domain of identity. At last we can get a breath of peace, there are
no conflicts and no fear of meeting the enemy. We celebrate the value of differences as a result of
a mentality asserting and extolling the collective life and the individual uniqueness."

Achille Bonito Oliva

Italian art critic

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