idPortraits gallery
How is it done?

Together with the artist you'll decide the features of your artwork.

You'll send your fingerprints by mail or e-mail along with some information about yourself.
The information about you is very important and useful for the artist because they are the
heart of the creative process in the making of our idPortrait.

By appointment, by phone, on Facebook, via Skype or email you can supply any information you want: 
the colours you like, the style of the furniture in your home, a phrase or a quote that represents yourself,
a significant experience of life… any detail may be important.
This way you become part of the creative process; a special interaction between you and the artist.

With your "biography" in mind and using your fingerprint, Miller creates
a sketch of your idPortrait and you'll receive a copy via email. At this stage you may suggest
modifications on the work in order to create the painting taking in to account
your taste of colours, but still maintaining the style of the artist.
Once the sketch is approved, Claus Miller will proceed by painting the
original artwork, in the dimension you have chosen.

The work will then be signed, authenticated, packed and shipped to your home.

          Albert Einstein

To order your idPortrait and for further information: | +45 53 88 1445 |